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We've been one of the top amatuer Football Clubs in Singapore since 2010 !

To find out more about Purple Monkey FC please scroll down to the Questions and Answers below, as well as our long list of Honours and Awards....

Here is a Q&A to help you learn more:

Q: Who are the Purple Monkeys Football Club (PMFC)?
A: PMFC was created in January 2010 as an all inclusive football team. The idea was to merge footballers from around the world with local Singaporean amateur players. The PMFC vision was to play a brand of football that would appeal to all. 

Q: Who sponsors PMFC?
A: We are sponsored by the Tadcaster Group, they have many bars in Singapore have provided us with membership cards and MASSIVE discounts on beer and food! All PMFC members have access to the discounts!!

Q: What competitions  do PMFC play in?
A: PMFC currently have 7 competitive teams, playing in the Cosmoleague, Equatorial Premiership, Equatorial Qualifying Division, Equatorial Sunday, ESPZEN MidWeek, ESPZEN Saturday and ESPZEN Sunday. And we do have a more casual Over 35's Team that play in the weekend Tournaments 3 times a year, The Sliverbacks.

Q: Who are the original PMFC team?
A: The original monkeys were created by Dian liang (sg) and Paul Colvin (Scotland) In 2010 and competed in ESPZEN Sunday. They rose from division 13 to eventually become ESPZEN Sunday division 1 champions in 2013. 

Q: How can I join PMFC?
A: Please follow the link “join our club” on the homepage and we will arrange a game that suits your schedule.

Q: What times/days are the games?
A: We currently have;
Monday 5 a side (8pm)
midweek 11 a side competitive (7pm, 9pm)
Saturday (1pm, 3pm, 5pm)
Sunday (1pm, 3pm, 5pm)

Q: Where are the games played?
A: Typically games are played in turf city on Bukit Timah. Centrally located pitches are uncommon, we play where we are assigned sometimes up north or out east (30 mins MRT).

Q: Any tours? 
A: We run 2/3 tours at least per year, historically we have gone to Bali for 6s, Thailand for 7s and Saigon for the 6s. 

Q: Charity events 
A: We run a charity event once a year to raise money for our favourite charities.
Singapore disability sports council.

The Teams

The Originals
Sunday ESPZEN, Division 1
The spark that lit the flame that engulfed amateur football in Singapore was ignited by Dian “The Godfather” back in January 2010.   The desire to bring together a bunch of guys and form a football team led Dian to scour football fields and post ads on expat and local football forums in search of talent (Back then the only criteria was pretty much the ability to stand).  A random name generator coughed up the now famous Purple Monkeys name and the 23rd of May 2010 witnessed the first ever competitive match, played in the ESPZEN Sunday Season 13, Division 12.  6 Lower League titles,  3 Division 1 League titles in a row, 1 FA Cup, 1 Champions Cup and a countless number of hungover Sundays later, the Original Purple Monkey team is firmly established in Division 1 and regularly competes for the title and silverware. 
We’re not here for the beer, we’re here for the football (Only cause we had too much to drink last night).   

Interesting Bits:
First ever expat wan*er to sign up for PMFC was John Hagi,  who turned up to the first game without any boots/football shoes.
Paul “Burly” Colvin was the first PMFC player to compete in the White Collar Boxing (Ashley “Ginga Ninja” Leek being the most recent competitor to get his head smashed in) 
PMFC originally played in either white or green kit.  The first ever Purple PMFC kit got lost in the mail, resulting in PMFC playing in yellow for the remainder of that season. 
The Managerial duo of Storan and Pablo led the team to the historic treble in Season 23, 24 and 25.  At one point the team was undefeated between 10 Jan 2016 until 8 Jan 2017, which came up to 32 matches.    

The Midweekers
Midweek Evenings, Division 1,
As playing on Saturdays and Sundays clearly wasn’t enough for some, in 2016 the evening Midweek ESPZEN team was formed giving players another excuse to miss girlfriend/wife/work obligations.  The lack of third degree burns inducing, scorched earth at midday Singapore sun, brought out a mixture of nocturnal players from across all the PMFC teams to compete in the evening league.  Currently in our third season, PMFC is as with all the teams, one of the main challengers for the prestigious title.    
Current all-time top goalscorer is Oliver “The Juice” Johnson

The Silverbacks
Over 35, International and Local Tournaments
The general consensus is that players play their best football after the age of 28.   If that’s the case, the PMFC Over 35 team “The Silverbacks” is the best team with the most talented and skilful individuals in the world.  Competing only in the best local (Winners of the Windmill Tournament, 2016 edition) and International (Phuket 7’s and Bali 6’s) tournaments, the Silverbacks are the epitome of class, grace and footballing wisdom. 

Extra bits:
Keith O Leary, the pacey Silverbacks winger is currently personally sponsored by New Balance
The most travelled Silverback?  Ross who has flown in 3 times now to Asia from Newcastle to participate in tournaments.

The Banter Monkeys
Saturday ESPZEN, Division 1
The Banters were formed in 2016.  It was done out of necessity as a few came to the realisation that something important was missing from the football.  A few realised that playing football on a Saturday wasn’t about the score line, it wasn’t about the League Positions or the League Titles.  What was missing was the ability to consume beer after a match, surrounded by friends after sweating awkwardly in the sun on some Singapore Secondary Scholl for 80min.  There was a need for a rebellion and that’s why there was a need for the Banters…

Extra bits:
As featured in the Banters Guide to Singapore, top 5 post match Hawker places for a beer are:  Holland Village Food Court, Marsiling Heights, Pandan Gardens, Ju Seng Huat F&B, Sin Hon Yun Coffeeshop

Our Honours And Awards:

Since 03.01.2010
16 Leagues
06 Cups

2017 ESPZEN Season 25 Sun Div1 Champions.

2017 ESPZEN Season 17 Sat Div2 Champions.

2016 EQD Sat Champions

2016 Saigon's 7s Bowl Winners

2016 ESPZEN Season 24 Sun Div1 Champions. 

2016 Windmill Cup Masters Winners.

2016 EFL Sun Cup Winners. 

2015/2016 ESPZEN Season 23 Sun Div1 Champions. 

2015/2016 EFL Sat Premiership Champions. 

2015 ESPZEN FA Cup Winners. 

2014/2015 ESPZEN Champions Cup Winners. 

2014 ESPZEN Season 13 Sat Div2 Champions. 

2014 ESPZEN Season 12 Sat Div4 Champions. 

2013 ESPZEN Season 19 Sun Div2 Champions. 

2013 ESPZEN Season 18 Sun Div3 Champions. 

2012 ESPZEN Season 17 Sun Div5 Champions. 

2012 ESPZEN Season 16 Sun Div6 Champions. 

2012 Goal Arena Sat Season 2 Champions. 

2012 Goal Arena Sat Season 1 Champions. 

2011 ESPZEN Season 14 Sun Div9 Champions. 

2010 ESPZEN Season 13 Sun Div12 Champions. 

2010 ESPZEN Season 13 Sun Div12 Fair Play Winners.